Learn About Natural Resource Conservation

Conservation: The Exhibit & ExperienceConservation: The Exhibit & ExperienceConservation: The Exhibit & Experience

This exhibit and experience helps you to develop the skills to play an active role in protecting and managing our natural environments, such as wildlife, forests, rivers, oceans, and land.

Why choose a BSc in Natural Resource Conservation?

By gaining an understanding of how to balance social, economic, cultural, and aesthetic issues, this multidisciplinary degree will help you shape our future and our planet. Core subjects include biodiversity and sustainability, resource socio-economics and policy, ecology and conservation biology, and land-use planning.
There are two majors to choose from:
  • The Science and Management Major provides a rigorous education in natural sciences and a strong focus on solving conservation issues. Graduates have the opportunity to become a Registered Professional Biologist or Forester.
  • The second major is The Global Perspectives Major which helps you gain international experience in policy and planning and prepares you for work overseas. You will also have the opportunity to gain international experience during your studies.
Core subjects will include:
  • Ecology and conservation biology
  • Biodiversity and sustainability
  • Geometrics
  • Resource socio-economics and policy
  • Land-use planning and land stewardship