5. Forests of Colorado5. Forests of Colorado5. Forests of Colorado
Colorado’s vast national forests are probably its biggest asset. They preserve, protect and promote the responsible use of millions of acres of public land in this state only.
Eleven national forests cover millions of acres throughout the Rocky Mountains. They are spread across the state, west of the plains. Year round outdoor recreation can be found in these free, federal lands, from fishing and camping, to snowmobiling and Nordic skiing.
Forests and woodlands cover approximately 24 million acres in Colorado. Within these forested landscapes are several different tree species, the majority of which are coniferous or cone-bearing trees rather than deciduous trees that seasonally shed their leaves. Colorado’s primary forest species have been grouped into 10 forest types based on the dominant overstory vegetation (Helms 1998)4: conifer, conifer-hardwood, hardwood (primarily aspen), lodgepole pine, mixed conifer, oak shrublands, piñon-juniper, ponderosa pine, riparian and spruce-fir.

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