1.Donation Vending Machine for outdoor projects1.Donation Vending Machine for outdoor projects
Donate to your favorite Northwest Colorado Outdoor Recreation project.

If you find yourself at the Yampa Valley Adventure Center and Colorado Great Outdoors Experience/Museum & Hall of Fame, you will find a vending machine that is more than what it seems: instead of vending snacks, soda, or headphones, this “Giving Machine” invites passersby to make charitable donations that will have tangible results.
Items in the vending machine run between $5 and $500. The machine dispenses postcards depicting the outdoor projects in Northwest Colorado and the rest of the state to remind supporters of the real impact their donation will have on the Great Outdoors.
To bring these machines into reality, the Colorado Great Outdoors Experience/Museum & Hall of Fame has partnered with local, regional and national outdoor focused, manufacturers, retailers and environmental groups.